PTSD and Trauma Relief

PTSD and Trauma Relief @ Cameron Hypnotics


People have been living with the traumas of PTSD or similar for way too long. The debilitating symptoms of PTSD and related traumas are affecting people from all walks of life. Military, Police, Ambulance, Fire Fighters, Nurses … victims of assault and abuse whether that be physical, emotional, sexual or verbal … we all experience and process trauma differently.

Anxiety doesn’t discriminate with age. With a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy and The Rewind Technique, I have helped many clients to release the emotional bind that a previous trauma had held them.

  • Are you weighed down from an old trauma or living with PTSD?
  • Are you experiencing flash backs that happen when you least expect it?
  • Do you have moments of being ‘out of control’?
  • Have you had panic attacks that appear out of nowhere … for no logical reason?
  • Do you experience irrational feelings of chest tightness, sweaty hands, ‘brain freeze’, and a hollowness in the pit of your stomach?
  • Are you waking to reoccurring nightmares and night traumas?
  • Is the trauma affecting your relationships with loved ones?
  • Do you feel that the weight of your world is getting heavier?
  • Do you crave for a better-balanced existence that is free of stress or perhaps more manageable?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or more of the above then I can help you. Stress and Anxiety and the associated panic attacks can mean many different things to different people. Knowing that,  at Cameron Hypnotics I create individual programs for each person.

People who are living with Anxiety will describe how feelings of fear, nervousness, or uncertainty might blot their day. We consider anxiety as a learned behaviour or a learned anticipatory response. We help you to re-condition the learned pattern of anxiety, so that you can be more resourceful and assured. And most importantly … you don’t have to revisit the trauma. This is not CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). CBT works on the conscious mind. I work on the unconscious mind.

Why? Because the emotion from trauma is in the unconscious mind. So that is where we work.


1. A client who developed an unexplained fear of being in a car: He had been driving for years and out of the blue he had a panic attack while driving which lead him to fear being in a car. He arrived for the first session on a motorbike. He proudly walked into the second session waving his car keys at me telling me that he drove and felt calm and relaxed, with no feelings of the old anxiety.

2. A High School student whose fear and anxiety about school lead to him missing large tracts of school term: After 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy he went back to school with confidence and managed to finish his year in the top 25%. Considering that he missed over 20% of his school year through the anxiety this was a great achievement.

3. A war veteran who was experiencing daily anxieties as a result of what he had experienced in Afghanistan. He told me he was sick of telling his story to psychologists and was getting nowhere. 3 sessions of hypnotherapy and he was a different man. The nightmares had disappeared. He said he felt had his old self back.

4. A young woman who was traumatised by an abusive relationship. It held her back from having a calm, natural and loving new relationshio as she kept on feeling tension and stress and experienced on-going panic attacks. One session of the Rewind Technique and the old trauma is now in the past. She is amazed at how calm she feels. And of course her boyfriend is very happy as well.

You will be taught self-hypnosis so that you can hypnotise yourself. Imagine having the skill to successfully manage the feelings of panic and anxiety in the quietness of your own mind. You will also be taught how to respond to situations and people instead of reacting. There are situations and people that we will never control … but we can control how we choose to respond to those situations and people.

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Cameron Hypnotics recommends a 3 session ‘PTSD and Trauma Relief ‘ program tailored to your own particular circumstances working on giving you a calmer and more relaxed space to live and grow.

During this program we will work on your individual situation. We will explore any areas of your life that might be triggers to stress and anxiety, creating new patterns of behaviour that are more conducive to a better healthy lifestyle.

‘Your’ treatment is personalised. This ensures that a program is created from information related to ‘your’ history, ‘your’ situation and for ‘your’ individual needs and concerns.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy and relaxation programs can bring you immediate relief.

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