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Children’s Issues @ Cameron Hypnotics

Cameron Hypnotics has great results working with children. Hypnosis for children has been shown to achieve great results for:

We find that children respond really well to Hypnotherapy. Do you know that children spend 75% of their lives in hypnotic trance up to the age of 11, as their minds are actively engaged in imaginings from ‘their world’.

Parents often tell us that their child ‘is in their own world.’

Using guided imagery, children are able to visualise exceptionally well as they can easily relate to images and concepts from their own imaginary world, therefore being more open to positive and empowering suggestions from the hypnotherapist.

All hypnotherapy techniques are customised for the individual child, taking into account the child’s age and developmental level.

If you would like to discuss any issues relating to your child that is a concern to you, or you would like to make an appointment please call Cameron Hypnotics on 0403 335751.

Bedwetting in children … a parent’s dilemma

“My son is now 8. Every night for the past 4-5 years, my son has wet the bed. Every night! We have tried everything and nothing has helped. After 3 sessions of hypnotherapy I have to say that me and my husband and of course my son are so impressed with the success. I kept a diary and it was so good to note that from the second session to the third session, my son had 14 dry nights in a row. My son now celebrates each morning waking to a dry bed. Thank you Brett.” ~ name and address supplied, Coffs Harbour.

This is just one example of how Cameron Hypnotics has helped a ‘bed wetter’ become a dry bed sleeper.

Bedwetting is more common than one thinks. Some children go through bed-wetting as a ‘stage’ whereas some children experience bed wetting as a daily event. It is both frustrating to the child and parents.

But it doesn’t have to be. In some children the problem might be:

i) Physiological; however in the vast majority of cases it is;
ii) psychological; in that it might be linked to a trauma (real, dreamed or imagined);
iii) secondary gain; (craving the attention of a parent who will give them a cuddle in the middle of the night after changing a wet bed);
iv) too much liquid prior to going to bed, or
v) an intolerance to dairy products. Some children’s bladders have an intolerance to dairy products causing the bladder to become inflamed.

These are some of the reasons attributed to bed-wetting. The answer to successfully overcoming bed-wetting is an individualised 3 session Hypnotherapy programme that is customised to your child and their situation.

NB: a parent will be present during any hypnotherapy session if the child is under 16.

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