Business and Corporate Coaching

With many years experience gained while training and leading sales and marketing teams in national and international corporations, Brett Cameron knows what is needed to achieve success in a competitive and stressful corporate environment.

As a business and corporate coach, he helps employers and employees optimise available resources to motivate individuals and organisations to higher levels of success.

Brett can tailor a training program to suit your individual and departmental business needs.

Alternatively, he can devise an individual or team coaching program to assist all participants achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Imagine if your employees and the company were both marching in the same direction?
  • Imagine the possibilities if all team members were equally motivated for success?
  • Imagine the shared rewards if everyone was inspired to achieve their personal and team goals?



Brett is intuitive and can quickly ascertain what is needed to establish a platform on which to build successful outcomes.

He will help you clear through the clutter and detritus that prevents you achieving your business goals. With renewed focus and vision, your business (employers and employees) will be better positioned to achieve goals and dreams that have previously proven elusive.

Goals of Cameron Hypnotics Coaching

  • Happy employees = Happy company = Happy profits
  • Lift all team members to ‘the next level of competence,’ by building awareness and desire for performance improvement
  • Enhance individuals to be accountable and responsible for change
  • Identify the obstacles that stand in the way of success … and dissolve them
  • Identify individual and team drivers. Motivate people to success
  • How well do we know our customers? How well do we know our sales territory? How well do we know ourselves? Let’s find out!
  • Keep team members goal focused
  • Set a concrete path for the next stage of success that involves all players
  • Provide support for all levels of management
  • Empower each individual to grow and create their future NOW!

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